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07 Dec

CENTUM Financial Group, a leading name in the Canadian mortgage industry, proudly announces the launch of an industry-first technology-agnostic National Deal Desk. This innovative platform revolutionizes the way mortgage brokers and agents operate across provinces, enabling them to co-broker out-of-province files through CENTUM's centralized deal desk. 

"CENTUM is committed to driving innovation in the Canadian mortgage industry and empowering our mortgage brokers and agents with tools that enhance efficiency and flexibility," said Chris Turcotte, President of CENTUM Financial Group. 

Traditionally, mortgage brokers and agents are licensed within the province they conduct business. However, with the introduction of CENTUM's National Deal Desk, agents can now co-broker their files nationally, benefiting from highly competitive interest rates and top-tier compensation levels. 

The CENTUM Deal Desk caters to a diverse range of mortgage types, including high-ratio insured, conventional, business for self, purchase plus improvements, rentals up to 4-units, and alternative lending deals. The available service options include deal validation, licensed underwriting review, structuring support, automatic status updates, and commitment and compliance package completion. 

Originating agents retain their crucial role in providing professional client advice, communication, and closing services for various mortgage transactions, including purchase, transfer/switch, and refinancing.

What sets CENTUM's National Deal Desk apart is its technology-agnostic approach, allowing mortgage files to be originated and co-brokered from any platform, be it Filogix Expert, Scarlett, Finmo, or Velocity. This flexibility places choice and freedom at the forefront for independent mortgage agents, making CENTUM the pioneer Canadian mortgage brand in embracing such an approach. 

The CENTUM National Deal Desk is proudly supported by a network of reputable lenders, including CMLS, First National, Home Trust, Equitable Bank, RMG, MCAP, Merix, Lendwise, TD Bank, NPX, Scotiabank, Manulife Bank, ICICI Bank, MCAN, RFA, HomeEquity Bank, Haventree, and more. 

This launch represents a significant milestone for CENTUM Financial Group, solidifying its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower mortgage professionals across Canada. 


As a member of the Charlwood Pacific Group of companies, the CENTUM network is one of the largest national mortgage broker brands in Canada. CENTUM spans over 200 offices and over 2200 agents from coast to coast. Having helped tens of thousands of Canadians obtain billions of dollars in mortgage financing, CENTUM continues to lead the industry with some of the most innovative technology, systems, training, and partnerships exclusive to the CENTUM mortgage network. It is the winner of the prestigious Broker Network of the Year award, handed out at the 2021 Canadian Mortgage Awards. In 2022, CENTUM celebrated its 20-year anniversary.