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03 Apr

Automated Platform Empowers Clients and Streamlines Communication 

Centum Financial Group Inc., a leading Canadian mortgage broker network, has announced the launch of its new Mortgage Monitor™ product: a revolutionary platform designed to empower homeowners, and prospective buyers to make informed financial decisions and build wealth.

Mortgage Monitor™ enables brokers to automatically enroll closed/funded borrowers into a “set it and forget it” communication platform, leveraging CENTUM’s proprietary analysis algorithm. This innovative tool delivers a powerful combination of features, including:

Monthly Home Value Updates: Clients receive up-to-date estimates of their home's value, which empowers a deeper understanding of their equity and potential wealth generation.

Personalized Product and Rate Analysis: The platform identifies potential refinancing or mortgage protection opportunities, allowing clients to optimize their financial strategy.

Mortgage Protection Support: The platform fosters discussions about revisiting mortgage protection needs, ensuring clients have a comprehensive financial safety net to protect against unforeseen life circumstances.

"Mortgage Monitor™ represents a significant leap forward in client engagement for our Brokers," says Adrian Schulz, Executive Vice President of Centum Financial Group Inc. "By providing ongoing value and fostering financial literacy, we empower homeowners to make informed decisions about their most significant asset—their home and investment properties."

The product goes beyond client engagement, serving as a powerful lead generation tool for brokers. Mortgage holders can leverage the platform to assess purchasing power and explore new market or investment opportunities, creating a true relationship with their CENTUM agent.

Mortgage Monitor™ is now in pilot, with a full release planned for later in Q2 2024. Access to the platform is available through CENTUM’s low-cost network access fee, which includes other valuable features like national desk usage, social scheduling tools and agent training. For more information or to explore CENTUM’s full suite of tools, please visit www.joincentum.ca.

As a member of the Charlwood Pacific Group of companies, the CENTUM network is one of the largest national mortgage broker brands in Canada. CENTUM spans over 200 offices and over 2200 agents from coast to coast. Having helped tens of thousands of Canadians obtain billions of dollars in mortgage financing, CENTUM continues to lead the industry with some of the most innovative technology, systems, training, and partnerships exclusive to the CENTUM mortgage network.