CENTUM Direct Pay

Pays your office daily!

Say goodbye to tedious payment processes and hello to efficiency with CENTUM Direct Pay! Designed to streamline your office and agent payments, Direct Pay offers unparalleled convenience and functionality. Here's why it's the top choice for Office Owners and Team Leaders

Seamless Integration: 
Direct Pay seamlessly integrates with leading mortgage origination platforms like Filogix Expert/Pro, Scarlett Mortgage, Finmo, and Velocity,

Comprehensive Reporting: 
Gain insight into your brokerage’s performance with detailed accounting reports. Track mortgage deals, lender volumes, referral fee payments, awards, and more at your fingertips.

Effortless Management: 
Simplify administrative tasks, set up and manage office/agent splits and monthly dues effortlessly. Compare current versus prior year(s) volume and unit production for informed decision-making.

Compliance Made Easy: 
Stay compliant effortlessly with the optional compliance feature, allowing secure document uploads for peace of mind.

Unlimited Transactions: 
Enjoy unlimited transactions and daily direct deposits.

Painless Set-Up: 
Experience a fast and easy set-up process for your entire office/team.